A little Fence for a little Dog called Ruby

The weather's turning nice, your pets are wanting to be out. But you know without a fence they won't just be out.. They'll be off. Off exploring because that's what dogs like to do. They mean no harm it's just who they are.

A new or replacement fence will give you piece of mind so you don't need eyes in the back of your head. It will also give you privacy and a level of security.

Myeden has a Spring Sale on until the end of April on all fence installations. A whopping £50.00 off! That means there is just over 2 weeks left to order yours.

Like, Share and spread the word. Once its gone its gone.

*Any fencing booked to be completed outside the sale cut off (Last day in April at midnight) will need a deposit leaving to secure the sale price. Any fencing quoted during the sale and not completed or had a deposit left will revert to the normal price outside the sale date.

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